New Horizon Network (NHN), started in 2001, as an international trade consulting and brokerage firm, simultaneously in Tunis, Tunisia and Los Angeles California. After few years NHN has developed a network of business partners, and expanded its operations and services by establishing more regional offices worldwide. In 2006 NHN officially became Chalfouh International an international trade management, research and consulting firm.


  • 2008- Chalfouh International Launched its International Research, development and Publication Program. Currently the company is negotiating setting up research cooperation with select universities throughout the United States.
  • 2008- Chalfouh International was registered in the State of California as a Limited Liability Company.
  • 2007- Chalfouh International Established A joint venture focused on the Sales and Distribution of Rough Diamonds in the United States.
  • 2007- Chalfouh International Joined a Euromid International Consortium Group. A group of companies globally positioned, and focused on Real Estate development, Mining and Refining of Energy and Minerals Globally.
  • 2007- Chalfouh International Signed an agency agreement with a Diamond and Minerals Bank in South Africa to resell its Rough Diamonds in North America, Europe and The Middle East.
  • 2007- Chalfouh International Launched its first Internship program coordinating with California State University of Los Angeles.
  • 2006- New Horizon Network became Chalfouh International was registered in the Los Angeles County as a General Partnership.
  • 2004- New Horizon Network Launched its Rough Diamond Division in Los Angeles California.
  • 2001- New Horizon Network was registered in Los Angeles California as an International Trade Management Company

    Currently Chalfouh International benefits from an infrastructure sustained by its expanding joint ventures and partnerships with offices in:
  • Los Angeles, California: Home office of Chalfouh International LLC, and Los Angeles Commodities Group
  • Tunis, Tunisia: Home office of New Horizon Network Sarl.
  • Warsaw, Poland: Home office of our Euromid International Consortium Group, a consortium of real estate and industrial project development
  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Home office of Euromid Middle East, a member of the Group, and a Refined Petroleum Products Manager
  • Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo: Home of our Rough Diamond Supply Chain Joint Venture
  • Johannesburg, South Africa: Home of our Rough Diamond Supply Chain Joint Venture
  • Our Partner offices are located in various cities within the United States and globally, this infrastructure is available for our clients and partners