Board of advisors:

Dr Steve Dr. Stephen J.J. McGuire is an Associate Professor of Management and Director of the Entrepreneurship Institute at California State University , Los Angeles . He taught at Georgetown University , the Catholic University of Portugal, Moscow University Touro, American University in Bulgaria , and The George Washington University. Steve is a former HayGroup partner, where he worked as a management consultant in 23 countries. He holds a BA from Providence College , an MBA from IESE Business School , and a PhD from The George Washington University School of Business.

Dr Romero Dr. Philip J. Romero, an economist, policy analyst, and applied mathematician, is dean of the Cal State LA business school. CSULA is one of the largest educators of first-generation college students in the U.S.   Most students are immigrants, or children of immigrants.  CBE's goal is to be the gateway to the middle class, preparing undergraduate and master's students for professional careers.

Dr. Ellen Drost is a professor in the Department of Management at California State University, Los Angeles. She is also a visit professor at the Helsinki School of Economics. Prior to her position at CSU Los Angeles, Ellen was a visiting professor at American University, where she taught international business courses, and on the faculty of Thunderbird, The Graduate School of Global Management, and San Diego State University where she taught international strategy and management courses.

Dr Tony

Dr. Tony Vercillo is a Marketing and Supply Chain Consultant with 20 years of senior-level management experience with special emphasis in the areas of product development and launch strategies, global marketing, strategic marketing, Internet 'viral' marketing,' business plan development, and overall supply chain cost reduction strategies. His particular focus is on sales, marketing, operations, and the supply chain to drive increased profitability.

Dr. Kathryn Hansen is a professor at California State University - Los Angeles. She also has taught in the Masters program at the University of Tampere, Tampere, Finland, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, The George Washington University, and the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse. During her teaching career, she has designed and implemented several undergraduate and graduate courses working with other professors and professionals to enhance students' critical thinking and communication skills. She is currently working with other CSU-LA professors to develop a textbook based on one of the courses she developed.