Dr Tony Dr. Tony Vercillo is a senior Executive with special emphasis in the areas of product development and launch strategies, global marketing, strategic marketing, Internet 'viral' marketing,' business plans, and overall cost reduction. Particular focus on sales, marketing, operations, and the supply chain to drive increased profitability.

Work Experience: Senior VP Marketing - 1995 - Present

  • Performed marketing project work for more than 200 clients
  • Launched more than 30 new products globally
  • Conducted more than 75 studies in marketing & distribution
  • Performed interim president/COO jobs for 3 clients

Accomplishments: Provided marketing guidance and international launch strategies for dozens of companies and products, including: Christian Dior, Chanel, HydroDerm Cosmetics. e4L, Stater Bros., Dallas Morning News, Pepsi-Cola, and McDonalds. Developed business, strategic, advertising, and supply-chain optimization plans for 6 different industries. Developed successful Internet marketing strategies for numerous direct response products. Top ranked marketing professor (as evaluated by the students) at CSUF (teach Global Marketing Strategy).

Lend Lease (Financial Services)
Minneapolis, MN

COO & Regional Sales VP - 1989 - 1995

  • Direct reports included VP Sales, CFO, Director Ops
  • Ran $90 million division with 25 districts (400 people)
  • Improved profitability by 20%
  • Increased customer retention by 16%
  • Reduced cost/unit by 13%

Purchase, New York
National Manager Marketing & Distribution - 1980 - 1988

  • 6 direct reports (4 Division Managers, HQ staff)
  • Responsible for a $125 million supply-chain budget
  • Promoted 4 times in 8 years
  • Reduced cost/case by $0.097 over three years.

Activities: Coach for 18 youth sports teams in basketball, soccer, and softball.
Professor Global Marketing and Supply Chain Optimization at CSUF.

Traveling to foreign countries, guitar, sports cars, and golf.

Education: Doctorate in Marketing Management - RU, summa cum laude
MBA, Leadership & Human Behavior - USIU
B.S. Business - Caldwell College