The C-Platforms™

The C-Platforms ™is supported by many tools and is exclusive to its members. It is designed to increase sales, consolidate services and enhance performance.

The C-Platforms™ was developed by our own people to serve enhance global trade for our clients: Our research and development indicated that the need for an international remote platform that consolidates, facilitates and that is exclusive to serious companies in the international trade management is absolute:
The C-Platforms™ is designed to:

  • Consolidate import export activities for our clients
  • Undertake our clients international sales departments to help reduce costs
  • Help procure supplies and Commodities, at reduced prices, made possible through our international Trade Network of Guaranteed Suppliers, Shipping Companies, Trade Insurance Companies and Government Agencies and Local Traders.
The C-Platforms™ Provides:
  • A Dedicated Account manager to increase our C-members sells and coordinate their international trade transaction.
  • Full inventory Monitoring and Management.
  • Online Contract processing and payment.
  • Ability to add a private network of clients for each C-member to consolidate our member's import/export and business online processing.
  • Exclusive access to our data base of commodities offered by our guaranteed suppliers.
  • Exclusive access to our database of inquiries posted by our guaranteed Buyers