Who WE Are:

Our Business is enhancing global trade and our pleasure is the success of our clients' organizations and business Transactions.

Chalfouh International is built around:

  • Our belief in the growth of our clients and Partners: Our growth as a leading strategic partner in the International Market is primarily based on the growth of our clients. Hence our commitment to the growth of our clients is second to nothing.

  • Our skilled and diverse team, collaboration, integrity and transparency: Our clients look to us for honest, thoughtful and objective advice. Whether it is a major strategic or operational need, an organizational challenge, outsourcing decisions or commodity acquisition or sale; our clients rely on our commitment to a thorough solution.

  • We are always responsive and efficient when information is in short supply and knowledge is restricted: Our clients find us effective when making vital and strategic decisions that have direct impact on their organizations.

  • We are a global network with local approach: In addition to our local networks in many key-trading countries, we provide access to skilled professionals, legal, financial and marketing experts. Our network allows a thorough and effective response to our client needs and offering a true global perspective.

  • We are the reflection of our team: Our commitment to the quality of our team members and partners is second to our commitment to the growth of our clients.