We Are Our Team:

Our performance as a Global Company is measured by the performance of our Clients, Partners and ultimately our team members. Chalfouh International Consultants are the backbone of our consulting services. Our Expertise and accomplishements as a company is derived from the Expertise of our Consulting team.
Please submit your resume through e-mail to : resume@chalfouh.com

Consulting Opportunities

Becoming a Chalfouh International Consultant, gives you the opportunity to work hand-in hand with national and international business leaders.
By sharing your expertise to help develop our clients business strategies, you will build a global reputation and further deepen your knowledge of Global Business.

To Become a Chalfouh International Consultant, qualified applicants, must submit an application via e-mail, an Article of choice that is specific to the applicants expertise, i.e. ( Consumer Market in China, Steel Industry in Brazil, Barriers to Entry to the ... Market). Subject matters could include anything from Public relations, Public Policy, Information Technology, Online Marketing, e-commerce, Education, Investment Banking, Expanding Overseas, Outsourcing, The Entertainment Industry, ...)

Prior leadership experience, teaching (University/Faculty level), and/or writing (Research, Theses, Books, White papers) Graduate degree from an accredited university: Business Administration, ( Finance, Marketing, Management, Human Resources), Business Law, Journalism, Political Sciences, Economics, Engineering, Public Relations. Doctorate studies and/or degree preferred.