Working with us:

Chalfouh International believes in the importance of education. Hands-on education is as important as academic learning, which is why we offer and we encourage students to apply for our internship programs.

Internships are 6 months long, upon completion the intern must submit a written report detailing the working experience with Chalfouh International, to include points of view and recommendations to improve the Program.

Internships are challenging, research, analysis, reporting, communication skills, business writing, thorough understanding of the assigned field are required.

Internship programs

Our Internship Programs offer: The opportunity to work with academic professors, business leaders and build a report with many international organizations, universities, colleges, and companies.

  • Hands-on expertise inline with the student's specific field of study
  • Invitation to participate in all company events such as trade shows, forums, and meetings.
  • Flexible scheduling to allow the time to keep the income jobs and succeeds in education.
  • A Certificate of Accomplishment and a detailed letter describing the areas of strengths of the intern upon completion of the Internship.
  • Opportunity to understand the Global Trade Network and key business components to develop strategic alliances locally nationally and internationally
  • Chalfouh International and its affiliates may extend a paying Job offer to some of its interns depending on performance, openings, and qualifications.