Export Management & Business Development

We serve our clients develop their companies with success in the international market. Our team of professionals in international trading, offers customized solution-oriented export management services and business development to fit our clients needs.
Business development strategies and applications include global marketing and sales, to help our clients develop and enhance their international presence by providing a consolidated set of services and practices.

Our Export management and business development services include but are not limited to:

  • Export organization and capability building: Evaluating the export capacity of the client company and analyzing its export structure, then assist in building a solid organizational structure and thorough marketing strategy.
  • Market Research and products/services analysis: By identifying the optimum markets for our clients products and services we can ensure sustained development and an increased global growth.
  • Pricing structure and analysis: We analyze the clients' competition, pricing and set a thorough pricing strategy for the identified potential markets, allowing for a long term market presence and high competitivity of our clients' products and services
  • Customer relationship development and management: Building a proactive customer relations is vital for a successful marketing strategy. We develop and maintain customer relationship strategies inline with the company's objectives and strategic goals, and ultimatly by listening to our clients' customers and involving them in one or more of the processes delivering solutions that they feel part of and that they look forward to obtain.
  • Worldwide presence: We provide our clients with a physical presence for sales and marketing in most world regions, allowing for local market insight and physical contact between our clients and thier customers, and providing ability for immediate and effective actions and reactions to any possible change in the local markets. efficient market changes.
  • And more:
    • Shipping coordination through our preferred shipping providers
    • Complete potential evaluation
    • Customized entrance strategies to target markets
    • Design and establish foreign partnerships
    • Design and Negotiate Contracts
    • Handle Shipping details, customs forms, export licensing, and all relevant export documentation