Outsourcing & Off-shoring:
Outsourcing - Outsourcing is a strategic decision that aims to help companies focus on the core business activities while subcontracting portions of managerial, production or support functionalities or services of the company.

Off-shoring - To profit from financial benefits and incentives provided by some foreign countries, some companies choose to transfer part of their organizational structure or its entirety to the said countries.

An optimal outsourcing strategy aims to balance between reducing the cost, and enhancing the performance of the outsourced functionalities.
Many critics of outsourcing claim that it fails to fullfill its duties because:
  • The outsourcer fails to fullfill its engagement to realize the client company's objectives and expectations
  • At times the outsourcer oversells its services -such is the case of many "customers services" providers or "call centers"- leading to a poor client portfolio managment
  • Or because of the lack of competence and skills among the outsource's team, mainly in the IT sector.

To outsource or not to outsource that is the question! Making an outsourcing decision requires deep understanding of the organizational challenges, opportunities, potential and vision. Such decisions are usually adopted at c-level management after careful review and thorough analysis

Chalfouh International works with your company to develop and assess the company's outsourcing needs and opportunities. Our team provides original and innovative solutions allowing for optimum return on outsourcing, leading your team to focus on what is of utmost importance to your company's growth.

Outsourcing supplier. The outsourcing service supplier choice is driven by three major criteria:

  • Cost: how the cost of the service will affect the general strategic position of the company.
  • Performance and skills:
  • Integrity: an ideal outsourcer behavior is to be as if he still an internal department of the company with the same informational level fluidity and embraces the same core of values.