Risk Management:
Every company that is dealing locally nationally and internationally must have a risk assessment strategy in-order for careful and profitable operations. The innate business instinct of each and every business person leads to analyzing risks to make sound decisions before engaging in any business transaction or action. Chalfouh International Consulting provides Risk management services to our ever growing client's companies. Our Risk Management services are supported by our network of valued experts and offer customized:
  • Export Market Risk Assessment
  • Political Risk analysis
  • Shipping and receiving risks and solutions
  • Operational risk assessment and management
  • Bureaucratic risks assessments
  • Tariffs and Regulations risk analysis

Chalfouh International risk management practices for global operations help clients meet their short term, mid and long term challenges.

We develop strategies allowing the reduction of our clients' exposure to market fluctuations giving them hedging advices, through the use of several techniques from basic swaps to more complex and combined methods. Strategies are relative to each client company and type of operation, covering production facilities such as , refineries, manufactories or distributors and retailers. For more information on Risk management services please submit some information about your company and your objectives to help us build your preliminary assessment: You may e-mail us at

All of our services are supplemented by our own Trading Platform made available to our clients:

The C-Plats™.

The C-Plats™ Provide:

  • A Dedicated Account manager to increase our C-members sells and coordinate their international trade transaction.
  • Full inventory Monitoring.
  • Online Contract processing and payment.
  • Ability to add a private network of clients  for each C-member to consolidate our Members Import/Export and Business online processing.
  • Exclusive access to our data base of Commodities offered by our Guaranteed suppliers
  • .
  • Exclusive access to our database of inquiries posted by our Guaranteed Buyers
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Chalfouh International offers a Global Network that facilitates access to investment opportunities for our clients locally and globally.

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