Corporate Strategy:

Corporate strategy is the pattern designed to achieve the company's objectives, mission and core values. A well designed and creative strategy is imperative for any company's continueous growth, sustained and smooth operations.

We work with our clients to analyze, develop, implement and monitor mid to long range strategic plans. Accordingly tactical plans are similarly done to serve as milestones in the progress and growth of our client's companies. Our plans are built with comprehensive and customized functional processes and solutions that are in inline with each company's growth objectives. Depending on the company's structure; whether it is a multi-business company, unique business unit or new company, we proceed generally using the following approach:
  • Analysis: After thoroughly grasping, defining and/or reshaping the corporate mission, we study the company's internal and external environments and analyze its position. Identifying competition, short and long term opportunities, threats, weaknesses and strengths, along with accessing cultural , organizational challenges and potentially undiscovered assets and resources, serves as a foundation in developing the strategy of our clients companies.

  • Development. Based on the outcomes from the Analysis stage, the strategic development and design is built resulting in an optimum strategic plan that provides a blue print to enhance the corporate competitive position, reduce weaknesses and risks, and optimize the use of the company's resources for better efficiency and increased profitability. Internal strategy, functional policies and practices are redesigned along with the Strategic plan for an optimized plan implementation and solutions integration.

  • Integration. At this stage we are ready to see the return on our work. The strategic plan has been designed and built with clear steps, each step is designed with a clear performance marker and monitor. Our consulting team along with our clients' strategic team, work hand in hand during the implementation phase. Plan adjustments might be needed as continuous assessments are being conducted throughout the progress of the implementation using the controls set forth in the plan.

    The Following captures some of the steps leading to serve your strategic goals:
  • Analyze current strategic plan and or Vision
  • Analyze your Company's history and trends
  • Analyze your Unique Selling Proposition or Provide you with a USP that empowers your growth.
  • Assess the needs and aplicability of outsourcing alternatives
  • Complete a production and process cost analysis and propose strategic alternatives.
  • Prepare a strategic plan fit for your company's needs to include growth, turn around, Local/National Expansion, International Growth, down sizing or restructuring as needed.
  • Your strategic plan will be designed with all necessary financial projections and we will also support your business by providing you with referrals to our network of funders and investors* that may be interested in funding your business.