• The transaction funding program is designed to allow accredited investors and a limited number of sophisticated investors "clients" and prospective clients to partner with Chalfouh International LLC in specific commodities trading transactions. This particular program focuses on a specific commodity identified by Chalfouh International LLC. A portfolio manager will be assigned to the client which manages clients provided funds for the agreed upon transaction as clarified herein. A person or entity becomes a client upon completing the application process and upon being qualified under Rule 506 of the SEC as a sophisticated and or accredited investor for a transactional funding program account. An account number will be assigned to client upon receipt and approval of the application.
  • Upon formation of account, client will deposit agreed upon funds in a Transactional Funding account for the purpose of the purchase of the commodity. Upon satisfactory completion of the first "trial" transaction client may roll into a long-term contract with monthly transactions of similar or higher value. (Budget can be re-assessed at anytime)  

    Duration: 45 days approximately per transaction, allow 3 months for first transaction
    Account life [Cycle: 12 Months]: 12 transactions (approximately one year) with rolls and extensions.
    Initial Budgeted funds, will not be withdrawn from the JV until the end of 12 months from the initial deposit date.
    Strategy: Purchase and sale of specific commodities.

  • Profits from each transaction will be: 50% to client, 40% to CHI per transaction and 10% to portfolio managers.
    Profits distribution: may be distributed on a monthly basis, or after a successful close of each transaction.
    Reinvestment: Account holder may choose to re-invest profits to increase the trading budget.
    Current estimated profits from first transaction of a 5 Million: little under $2.5 Million
    For transactional return on deposit estimates please e-mail us toinvest@chalfouh.com

  • 1. Fill the form: Client, completes and submits to Chalfouh International LLC or one of its appointed Independent Portfolio Managers. download the form
    2. Processing: Chalfouh International LLC processes the application and sends a rejection or approval to Client.
    3. Aproval: Once approval is granted the client will receive the client agreement with a deposit form to sign and submit
    4. Agreement: Client signs agreement and submits a deposits for the said amount (Via Check or Wire transfer (TFP account information will be provided)
    5. Funds: Funds are used for the agreed upon commodities purchases. More information about the commodity and the transaction will be provided to clients on a transactional basis.
    6. Profit sharing:Upon completion of a trade transaction and according to the agreement.

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