• Our Involvements in the construction steel components includes active plans for mining and production of Iron ore. Construction Steel Products and components are behind the most spectacular building achievements in the past 200 years. From Sky scrapers, hanging bridges, submarine bases, manufacturing plants, to small residential projects, Construction steel components became a necessity and sourcing such components became a challenge.

    Our construction steel trading is focused on delivering the needed components for your building projects. Supported by our Exclusive online Trading Platform, our Network of Construction experts, and our Consulting partners.

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    Chalfouh International offers access to one of the broadest steel product ranges supplied through our global network in the world:

    Semi-finished steel: In the form of slabs, semi-finished steel is used to roll into flat products. In the form of blooms or billets, it is used to make long products.

    Flat products: A complete range of flat products. Hot rolled products are used in the petrochemicals, construction, shipbuilding and general engineering industries; cold rolled are used in the automotive and white goods sectors. Finishes include aluminized, hot dip galvanized, electrogalvanized and pre-phosphated.

    Long products: This is a diverse range of finished products - spanning everything from automotive forgings to bright drawn free machining bars for precision engineering.

    Wire rod: From 0.4mm wire to high-tensile steel rounds. At one extreme, they can be further processed into paper clips; at the other, into suspension bridge cables.

    Coated steels: Durable surface protection coatings have been developed for white goods, computer and hi-fi chassis, heating and ventilation.

    Tubes and pipes: Used in everything from oil and gas pipelines to general construction and manufacturing, tubes and pipes are manufactured to survive the most hostile environments on the planet.

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