Diamond trading division:
Facts about diamonds:

  • A diamond in the rough is one of the Miracles of life and nature.
    It symbolizes purity, strength, brilliance, durability, excellence while chemically a diamond is a pure carbon.
    In fact a diamond is a carbon that has endured high pressure, and was formed in the middle of the planet. Diamonds came to us from ruptured volcanoes.
  • The hardest surface known: durability and strength
  • The oldest thing that a human being can own nearly 3 billion years of age a fully 2/3 of the age of our magnificent Planet Earth.
  • The Brilliance of a diamond and it's durability has attracted the human kind since its discovery over 4000 year ago in India.
  • Ever since diamonds symbolized love, passion, excellence, and became the most valuable item a human being could offer.
  • Diamonds played an important role in science and industry, as it is used in many fields to generate laser lighting as well as to build precision tools for the modern world.

    • Our Diamond Trading Position:

      The past few years have been advantageous for positioning Chalfouh International as a the go to distributor of Rough Diamonds
      Our strive to enhance global trade, and our clear and straight forward procedures have served our clients and our company well.
      Inline with our mission to form global strategic partnerships Chalfouh International benefits from the following relationships:
    • Distribution Joint Venture: A joint venture designed to purchase diamonds from the source and bring them to our clients in United States and all over the world.
    • An agency agreement with a reputable Minerals Bank in South Africa, allowing for direct access to our Supplier's inventory of rough Diamonds
    • A Joint Venture Agreement guaranteeing a solid supply chain infrastructure, providing large quantities of rough diamonds.
    • Chalfouh International's efforts to strengthen its relationships and supply chain infrastructure are increasing, and further agreements are in the works to provide our clients with an optimum discount and our partners with a solid distribution channel.